Memory Recharger

JUST RELEASED – An amazingly simple way to sharpen your memory so that you feel better, look younger, and dramatically improve your concentration and recall.

It puts you back in charge of your life!

If you could improve your memory by sitting in a chair for 2 minutes — 3 times a day, would you do it?

Don’t let life pass you by just because you don’t remember things as powerfully as you’d like to…

…or as easily as you did when you were younger.

You Can Do This…

You have an in-born memory power that can be awakened and activated NATURALLY and you will be amazed at the result.

No tricks, no pills, no hard work.  Just 2 minutes — 3 times a day.

What if I don’t remember to do it every day?

If you forget, simply forgive yourself and start again.

But you won’t forget.


Because we built in a daily reminder.

That’s right.

We knew that you might forget, after all, that’s why you’re reading this, isn’t it? You want to improve your memory!

That’s why we decided to include a daily reminder.

Everyday, you will get an email from Dr. Lamonica herself, reminding you to sit in a chair for 2 minutes and use your Memory Recharger.  You’ll have that reminder every single day.

And not only that, as you begin using the Memory Recharger it will become almost impossible for you to forget.

The Memory Recharger works naturally with your brain and helps you remember to do things that you might otherwise forget.

You can use the Memory Recharger to help you remember daily tasks like:

  • remember to take your vitamins
  • remember to to pay your bills
  • remember to hand in your assignments
  • remember where your put your keys
  • remember where you left your glasses

When your mind gets sharper and your memory gets more reliable, you begin to realize how stressful it was to be forgetful.

As your memory gets stronger you:

  • feel better
  • look better
  • and you have energy to spare

The Memory Recharger is simple, easy to use, and effective.  And you can’t get it anywhere else.

So right now, make it a priority to remember one thing:

Use your Memory Recharger.

By focusing on that, you will naturally begin remembering all the other things that make life smooth, happy and enjoyable.

It’s so easy.

All you do is…

“Sit in a chair for 2 minutes — 3 times a day” and start feeling the power of a strong memory.

It’s so easy and so simple, a child could do it.

How can something so easy and simple possibly be effective?

Improving your memory is not complicated.  It’s actually very simple.

All your memories still exist, whether you remember them or not.

That’s right.

They are right there just waiting to be called upon.  When you try to remember something and you can’t, it’s not that the memory is gone, it’s just that you are not accessing it.

It’s like when your curtains are closed.

You can’t see the tree outside your house.  The tree is still there.  You just need to open the curtains.

The Memory Recharger works because it opens the curtains of your memory. It exercises the parts of your brain that are needed to access your memories.  Once that part of you starts getting stronger, you can remember things like:

  • where you put your keys or your glasses
  • what you studied last night for today’s test
  • what you wanted in the supermarket even though you didn’t write it on your list

How can this work without medication?

Simple.  The Memory Recharger works with your natural ability to heal and strengthen.  Just like lifting weights naturally builds muscle, using the Memory Recharger (sitting in a chair for 2 minutes — 3 times a day) builds your mental power.  And when your mind is sharper, you look better.  Your whole appearance becomes younger and more attractive.  You look more like the true YOU.

What if I don’t feel strong enough to do exercises?

The Memory Recharger is done sitting in a chair. There are no strenuous movements and it is easy to do.  Even someone who is bedridden can use this system to begin sharpening his or her memory and mental faculties.

Can I use this to help me get through college?  There is so much to memorize!


Simply sit in a chair for 2 minutes — 3 times a day and don’t be surprised if you start bringing home grades that make your parents proud of you.

My child is struggling for hours every night with his 3rd grade homework. Will the Memory Recharger help him focus and get his school work done faster?

Faster and better.  Children usually respond to natural therapies with amazing results. You can teach your son or daughter to use the Memory Recharger or you can do it with them.  In fact, a family that recharges their memory together, is a family that grows up with happy memories!

Get Dr. Lamonica’s
Memory Recharger today!


Here’s what you get instantly as soon as you buy the Memory Recharger:

  • The Memory Recharger printout (You need a printer for this.)

  • Simple step by step video instructions even a child can follow.

  • Automatic Membership in the Daily Reminder Club. Your first month’s membership is free so you have a whole month to try it out. (After your first month, you’ll be charged $9/month - You can cancel during your first month and never be charged this membership fee.  But we think you’re going to get so much value from these reminder emails that you’ll stay on month after month.)


  • #1 Bonus: One month of free daily reminders. (Get an email reminder everyday from Dr. Lamonica.)

  • #2 Bonus: Printable checklist to keep track of your progress.

  • #3 Bonus: Dr. Lamonica’s special video explanation of the power of the Memory Recharger.  We caught up with Dr. Lamonica on a winter’s day at the beach and got her to talk candidly about the Memory Recharger.  This video is not available anywhere else.

NO RISK.  We offer an ironclad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Memory Recharger comes with a 100% ironclad 60 day guarantee

The Memory Recharger comes with a 100% ironclad 60 day guarantee

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. For recurring billing products, returns for more than one payment may be provided if requested within the standard 60 day return period. After 60 days all sales are final.

Your initial charge will be $19. You will then be charged $9/month for as long as your membership remains active to a maximum of 99 months. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Improve Memory

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Disclaimer: This is offered for general well being and does not diagnose or treat medical conditions.